I’m different, but I’m still real.

I’m different on different types of social media. I’m still myself, I just choose to show different parts of myself to different people. On Tumblr I’m more personal because no one from school knows my account so I feel more comfortable on there. I wouldn’t like people I see everyday to see my blog. On Instagram I chose to post the happy, exciting moments that happen in my day because no one wants to see sad pictures. I know I don’t. Instagram is for sharing the great moments in our lives, and occasional selfies. On Facebook, I only share funny videos and keep up with family outside of the U.S. there’s not much about myself on there so I’m not really different. On Twitter I just post about concerts I go to and keep up with celebrities. I never post the same thing on more than one social media because I don’t want to like the same thing on 3 different sites and neither would others.

I’m the same in person as I am on social media I just show different sides to different people. Tumblr would be like my best friend in real life. The one I tell all my secrets, the one who helps me in tough times, the one who always knows just what to say. Instagram would be like my close group of friends that are always there to share the great moments with me. Facebook would be like my family and people I’m just acquaintanced with. I’m rarely on it or talking to people on it besides my family. Twitter would be Lindsay, we’re friends but we aren’t that close. She’s always there when I need someone to go to a concert with because we have the same music taste and listen to the same artists. My profile picture is always real and most of the time it’s of me unless I really like another picture. The other picture is usually of a celebrity meme or something. I’m never trying to catfish people and make them think I’m someone I’m not.

4 thoughts on “I’m different, but I’m still real.

  1. G’day Camy,
    I love the way you have associated your social media to the people in your life. I also get annoyed when you see the same thing on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – all from the same person.

  2. Hi
    I really enjoyed reading what you shared, because it is very similar to me. I also like the way you thinking of it positively.
    Thank you.

  3. i can agree with you a lot . But there are certain things you should post about and certain things you should.

  4. In the past, I felt the need to make my online life separate from my personal/school life, in order to compartmentalize myself. But now, I make exceptions. For example this past Summer, I made the decision to make a Facebook account for school under my real name. I do not regret this decision what so ever. I still, however, keep my online gaming life out of my personal life.

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